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Load time or web speed is one of the most critical metrics that determine visitors interest and search rankings. Your ability to engage visitors and earn sales will suffer if your site takes a few more seconds to load. Our platform creates websites that load superfast. Provided with a good design and great content, your website will rock on stage.GET STARTED



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Websites and Pizza offers a user-friendly web builder that is simple yet comprehensive at the same time. With the basic tools, you can create or edit websites on the fly. However, you can also use more advanced tools to create more complex functional websites. In essence, our comprehensive web builder platform enables you to start small and grow bigger with confidence. You can start by selecting a template, add or edit content, and connect your domain to go live. It’s as easy as it sounds.


Custom layouts and  Image Gallery

WB offers a great deal of already-built customizable layouts and instant access to over 20 Million images to let you create the best website for your business.You can use the free images or buy stock images to give your website an awesome look! Moreover, with a big collection of customizable layouts, organized in easy-to-understand categories, you can smoothly add functional elements to your website to achieve your desired functionality right on the front-end. You can add pre-built layouts or create dynamic layouts to create a customized user experience.You can start by selecting a template, add or edit content, and connect your domain to go live. It’s as easy as it sounds.GET STARTED

Web builder widgets and Add-ons

Websites and Pizza has created a range of web builder widgets and add-ons that come with your package or you can add to your website on-demand. These widgets and add-ons let you go beyond basic website functionality and build something more sophisticated for your customers. 
For example, you may want to enhance your website with lead capturing forms, appointment setting, eCommerce and multi-vendor payments, buttons with custom triggers to launch a specific workflow, and much more. 
You can add such advanced features to your website just with some clicks!


All the tools you need to promote your website

Websites & Pizza offers a comprehensive website and marketing automation platform that enables you to create awesome websites and market to your customers in a more targeted and effective fashion. We have got all the tools you need to test and win your niche. Our platform allows you to go beyond mass marketing techniques and take advantage of competition with effective S.M.A.R.T. marketing strategies.


Web Analytics

Use our web analytics tools to know how your website is doing in the market. 
Know who is visiting your website, from where, and using what devices. Use this information to make your marketing decisions and effectively automate your marketing. Our analytics tool is tightly connected with your website and marketing dashboards so that you can manage your marketing without having to move here and there every time. You can also choose from different widgets to customize your dashboards.


Marketing Automation

Talk to your customers in an automated yet personal fashion! Marketing automation is not new and you know it. However what you might not know is the fact that, according to Instapage, “An average of 51% of companies currently use marketing automation. 58% of B2B companies plan to adopt marketing automation software in the foreseeable future”. Our platform offers a great deal of marketing automation covering email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.


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